Cinderelmo [VHS] by Sony Wonder (Video)

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Manufacturer Description

Sesame Avenue provides this vintage fairy tale to lifestyle through the eyes of Elmo!

Our favourite little crimson monster is the star of this pleasant film that playfully skews the story of Cinderella. Originally aired on Fox tv in 1999, the attribute is a playful combine of human actors and Sesame Avenue characters that is an straightforward look at for people with 3- to seven-12 months-olds. Cinderelmo (he is a boy, if you failed to know) desires of playing in a castle and assembly the princess (Keri Russell). Sadly his indicate--but not that indicate--stepmother (Kathy Najimy) would like her two other sons to go to the ball at which the princess must declare whom she wishes to marry.

The film is surely centered on the children (as opposed to the a bit older audience of the Muppet films), but there are lots of puns and wry humor for grown ups to appreciate. The handful of songs are quite pleasurable, as is the size (50 minutes). Oliver Platt (as a new "fairy godperson") and French Stewart (as Cinderelmo's puppy-turned-footman) appreciate their roles with relish. Appearing in various tiny roles are lots of the Sesame Avenue gang, like Grover, Kermit, Cookie Monster, Bert, and Ernie. Excellent fun. --Doug Thomas

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