French (Linguistic Introductions) made by Cambridge University Press

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French is employed on every single continent, spoken not only in France but also in Belgium, Switzerland, North The usa, the Caribbean, Polynesia and Africa. This is a thorough and obtainable information to the framework of French, ideal for these with minor prior information of linguistics or of the French Language. It obviously introduces the language's historical past, phonetics (pronunciation), phonology (audio system), morpho-syntax (how terms and sentences are formed), pragmatics (how speakers convey meaning), and lexicology (the examine of term composition and derivation) - with each chapter showing how these aspects are topic to regional and social variation. English translations are presented for all examples, and the book consists of an in depth bilingual glossary of linguistic conditions, and numerous workouts and essay queries in every single chapter. French: A Linguistic Introduction will be welcomed by advanced language learners, and by linguists finding out the framework of this crucial language.

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