French Presses

French Presses - Why You Need One

Wonderful French Presses:

People who like to drink coffee should avail the French presses which are a wonderful coffee machine to make coffee out of it. The coffee lovers who have no experience in drinking the coffee made by this machine are really missing the premium taste of coffee. A very few simple steps are involved to make the tasty coffee within a short period of time using the automatic French presses. The taste of the coffee is determined by the grinding of the coffee beans.

Grinding Of Coffee:

If you are grinding the coffee beans using your coffee grinder, then it is enough to give a short press for three to four times. Check whether the coffee grinder is labeled percolator if you are using the grinder in the market. This is because too much of grinding the coffee beans make the residue to pass through the filter. The filtration system in the French presses has filter papers that allows the water to pass through it and the wire mesh in the presses allows the delicately ground coffee passing through it. That is why it is better not to grind the coffee been finely which will lead to the deposition of the residue in the drink. Hence avoid over grinding of the coffee bean if you want to taste a good coffee out of French presses.

Quantity Of Coffee To Be Added:

Many people have doubts about the quantity of coffee that should be used in the French presses at a time for making the tasty coffee. It is better to make use of 1 to 1.5 grams of coffee for 1 ounce of water which means that for 10 ounces of water use 10 to 15 grams of coffee. If you add more than this quantity, then the coffee becomes stronger which will give the bitter taste of coffee or if you add less than this quantity, then there will be a proper flavour extracted from the coffee bean. This reveals that the taste of the coffee depends on the amount of coffee you are adding. Some presses are also coming up with a spoon which helps you to measure the ground coffee. One spoonful of coffee is equal to one gram of ground coffee.

Mixing Coffee and Water:

A lot of people used to make mistakes of mixing the grounds with the water. The most important and vital thing that has to be in mind while operating French presses is that you should never use the hot water. This is because the perfect temperature to get an exact flavour from ground coffee is 190 degree F. If you add the boiling water into the pot, it will lead the over burning of ground coffee which will produce acidic or bitter  taste in the coffee. So make note of that you must avoid using hot water for making coffee out of French presses. The final step which is engaged in making tasty coffee is brewing. You must stir the mixture of water and the ground coffee properly and allow the mixture to brew for four minutes. You can also cover the coffee during this brewing process. If you want to enjoy the best coffee then you must need this machine.

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