Frieling Coffee-for-One Filter, 23 karat gold plated made by Frieling

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We are delighted to present the excellent Frieling Coffee-for-One Filter, 23 karat gold plated - Frieling - Frieling.

With so many on offer these days, it is great to have a name you are able to recognise. The Frieling Coffee-for-One Filter, 23 karat gold plated is definitely that and is going to be a excellent acquisition.

For this price, the Frieling Coffee-for-One Filter, 23 karat gold plated comes highly respected and is always a popular choice for many folks. Frieling have added some excellent touches and this results in good value.

The brand - Frieling - Frieling - is one of the best products that is offered.

You are able to obtain this appliance: G2030 in several colors: Gold.

Manufacturer Description

23-Karat Gold Filters by Frieling

Gold Filter Gold Filter

Sure, you can invest a whole lot of funds on a extravagant espresso machine and the most distinctive espresso beans, but that's not the entire tale: If you cherish a excellent cup of espresso, we motivate you to give some thought to the filter: A much better filter is an easy and inexpensive way to improve the high quality of your espresso.

You want to flavor the espresso and not the filter:

Why 23-Karat Gold?

Since gold is non-reactive. That implies gold neither absorbs nor gives off any flavors, so what you flavor is the pure taste of your favored espresso bean and nothing at all else. A gold foil filter creates a brighter, livelier, and more complicated espresso taste than brewing with paper or other steel filters.

Unlike 23 karat gold, paper filters are likely to give off a papery taste while steel filters or gold tone filters are likely to impart a metallic flavor. With Frieling's 23 karat gold plated foil espresso filters, there is no reaction among the filter, very hot h2o, and the espresso grounds.

Why Foil Style?

The gold foil used in the manufacturing of these filters is scientifically engineered and is amazingly strong to provide years of support. Considered the gold normal for brewing espresso, 23 karat gold-plated foil enables the total taste to pass by way of, while holding back again undesirable sediment. The foil's easy design and style does not give residual espresso oils or particles a opportunity to hide (unlike mesh filters).

Gold filter Gold filter
Reusable-Go Inexperienced!

Reusable time and time once again, 23 karat gold filters are a environmentally friendly different to paper and plastic filters. They place an finish to the waste of paper filters. Who desires to waste one, if not more, paper filters, every day! Aid conserve a tree and before you know it, you saved a forest.

Coffee For One Or Twelve, Anywhere

Appreciate an beautiful cup of espresso at home, operate, traveling or just about everywhere: No matter whether you are seeking for just one swift cup of delicious espresso where ever you are, or want to brew up to twelve cups conventionally, Frieling's 23 karat gold filters are right for you.

You will also like that these filters are
  • Simple to clean
  • Higher rack dishwasher secure
  • BPA totally free
BPA Free
Produced in Macedonia, Europe

Macedonia is a little nation found north of Greece in South-Japanese Europe. Employing the maximum high quality supplies, the filters are made of non-corrosive stainless metal and then increased with 23 karat gold plating.

Decrease waste, conserve funds, and enjoy a much better tasting cup of espresso!


23-karat gold foil filter Gold plated foil won't alter taste or absorb flavor Engineered foil openings hold back unwanted residue while letting flavor carriers through Water regulator controls flow to optimize flavor extraction Lid keeps coffee hot while brewing

2nd Description

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