Nespresso C91 Essenza Espresso Machine from Nespresso

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Coffee Maker World are delighted to provide the excellent Nespresso C91 Essenza Espresso Machine - Nespresso - Nespresso.

With so many available right now, it is wise to have a make you are able to trust. The Nespresso C91 Essenza Espresso Machine is certainly that and is going to be a great buy.

For this great price, the Nespresso C91 Essenza Espresso Machine is widely respected and is always a regular choice with most folks. Nespresso have provided some nice touches and this results in great value.

The brand - Nespresso - Nespresso - happens to be of the best ones that you can buy.

Product Review

Coffee is fantastic.

The aroma sifting through the air early in the morning is beautiful. It is a part of life for many people.

Before this experience can take place and you can grab a cup of coffee, a good espresso maker becomes necessary. This is where the "Nespresso Essenza C91 Manual Espresso Maker" comes into the equation.

This review will break down what the pros and cons are of this product and whether it has the quality you want.


1) Provides Up To 1260 Watts Of Power
2) Includes 19 Bar Pressure Pump For Better Results
3) Built-In Thermoblock Heating Element
4) Simple Manual Volume Control
5) Includes Beautiful Backlit Coffee Buttons For Easy Use
6) Easy Insertion For Capsules
7) Simple Ejection Process For Used Capsules
8) Includes Container For Up To 14 Used Capsules
9) 0.9 Liter Removable Water Tank For Quality Results
10) Provides Drip Tray Water Capacity

Minimal Noise Pollution

The benefit most people notice is the minimal noise that comes from this machine. It is not going to make a lot of noise even when running at top speed. This is how it should be.

Some machines start making a lot of noise, and it can become a headache. This is not the case here.

Tremendous Coffee

How is the coffee for those who only care about what they are consuming? The coffee is brilliant. It has the right taste to it, and the maker does a fantastic job of going through the capsule and maximizing its flavor profile.

You will be impressed with how fast it works and how good the coffee tastes.

Regarding its performance, you won't find much better than this.


The build quality is impressive and is something you can tip your hat towards. They have made sure it is not going to break down easily and will last. You will want something that is long-lasting especially since the Nespresso Essenza C91 Manual Espresso Maker is going to be used on a regular basis in most households.

You will know this machine is going to stick it out regardless of how often you use it.

Can't Fit Larger Cups

The con people will note down is the maker's inability to handle larger cups. Let's say you want to put a mug in that is taller in height. You won't be able to as there is not enough space. The manufacturer didn't care for this while putting together the design and that is noticeable.

This is a minimal issue nonetheless. It is not something that is a "make or break" problem.

A standard mug will fit fine, and most people drink their coffee in a mug and won't mind.

Concluding Thoughts

The "Nespresso Essenza C91 Manual Espresso Maker" is an exceptional product. This is all one has to say about it.

The durability, quality, and minimalist design are excellent. You will be impressed as an avid coffee drink after getting a sip. The quality is out of this world.

Getting one of these is a must!

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