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Manufacturer Description

Guide 1 of the Out of date collection.

In a dystopian foreseeable future, an epic fight among the sexes will determine who lives and who dies.

Right after the Blue Pox pandemic wipes out 99.99 p.c of males and 99.95 p.c of women, the greater part below the age of 50,eighteen-yr-outdated Madison wanders the countryside, lost and by yourself. She joins forces with Katherine, a former anthropologist, in lookup of a risk-free area to dwell, and the two uncover a team of girls gathered on the campus of a modest college in East Tennessee. Katherine quickly establishes herself as leader and below the influence of Callie, a former prison guard, commences to imprison gentlemen, whom they refer to as the “others”, for what Madison perceives can only be nefarious motives. When more mature and weaker prisoners start off mysteriously disappearing, Madison suspects Callie and her band of deputies are killing them. Right after a pregnant woman joins their commune, Callie and Katherine, mindful that women outnumber males and hoping to create a new planet dominated by girls, make strategies to create their local community and attain electrical power. They devise a procreation plan, mating the youthful girls with the healthful male prisoners, and Madison must make a selection to possibly continue to be and become puppet to their strategies or make her way by yourself in a desolate, violent planet. But prior to she can do so, she fulfills Jonah, a youthful male captured by Callie, and Madison finds herself caught among her enjoy and loyalty to Katherine and her attraction to Jonah. Madison is forced to make a more difficult selection: to continue to be and condone what Callie and Katherine are carrying out or chance her daily life and escape with Jonah.

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