Rapid Brew Stainless Steel Stovetop Coffee Percolator, 2-3 cup made by Tops MFG. CO., Inc.

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Coffee Maker World are delighted to present the brilliant Rapid Brew Stainless Steel Stovetop Coffee Percolator, 2-3 cup - Tops MFG. CO., Inc. - Tops MFG. CO., Inc..

With so many available these days, it is great to have a name you can trust. The Rapid Brew Stainless Steel Stovetop Coffee Percolator, 2-3 cup is certainly that and is going to be a superb purchase.

For this reduced price, the Rapid Brew Stainless Steel Stovetop Coffee Percolator, 2-3 cup is widely respected and is a popular selection for lots of folks. Tops MFG. CO., Inc. have provided some nice touches and this equals great value for money.

The brand - Tops MFG. CO., Inc. - Tops MFG. CO., Inc. - is one of the best ones that you can buy.

Rapid Brew Stainless Steel Stovetop Coffee Percolator Review

Tops Mfg's 2-3 cup Rapid Brew Coffee Percolator retails between $30 and $35 on Amazon and is available for two-day Prime shipping since it's sold directly from the company rather than a third party retailer. Given the affordable price and a notably high performance, the product has garnered a 4.2-star rating after over 100 unique customer reviews. It is made of heavy gauge stainless steel, meaning it's going to last you quite a long time with proper care.

Of course, with any percolator you want it to work in the traditional sense that allows precise control over how strong your brew will be. The Rapid Brew delivers on that front in spades. Of course, the stove-top design means you don't need any electricity to run it. If your power happens to go out and you have a gas stove, you'll still be able to brew up some nice coffee to relax with until the lights are on again. You can also very easily take this with you on a camping trip or maybe even a picnic. Those that have jobs where you're out on patrol will also find this handy just in case you're ever out for an extended period.

With the primary material consisting of stainless steel, this isn't the sort of kitchen appliance that you'll have to worry about replacing in a few years. All you have to do is keep it clean and it's going to serve you well for a long time to come. The glass cover knob is also perfectly sturdy. Both of these materials naturally conduct heat well, meaning anything you brew will stay hot even if you don't get to all of it right away. The handle is made of an equally resilient Perma wood as well, and it's been smartly designed at a nice safe distance so that you won't have to worry about burning yourself.

With our busy lives, a lot of us are forced into getting coffee at the drive thru restaurants in the mornings since there's just no time to wait for a regular coffee maker to do its thing sometimes. With the Rapid Brew, very true to its name, you're going to get 2 to 3 cups of fresh coffee in a flash, and the taste isn't compromised one bit. As previously mentioned, you can even alter how strong the coffee is being brewed. With this in your kitchen, you won't have to feel as if you need to try to rush to the nearest drive-thru to get your coffee before you can get to work or wherever else you may be headed.

Overall, there's a lot to love about the Rapid Brew coffee percolator. It has an almost retro aesthetic that still looks great even in a modernly designed kitchen, non-electric functionality, sturdy materials, and it doesn't even take up a lot of space. Best of all, the coffee will get to you quickly and taste great. If you need a percolator, this is one to consider grabbing.

Manufacturer Description

Rapid Brew Stainless Steel Stovetop (non-electric) Espresso Percolator makes two-three cups of refreshing-perked espresso fast, straightforward and complete of flavor. Perking method allows precise brew toughness handle. Created of sparkling higher-luster large gauge eighteen/8 stainless steel with very clear glass protect knob to observe brew toughness. Has Permawood wood grain deal with, long term cup markings and is dishwasher risk-free.


Stovetop coffee percolator Heavy gauge 18/8 stainless steel Traditional perking process allows exact brew strength control Non-electric; great for camping Glass cover knob; Permawood handle

2nd Description

This excellent device by Rapid Brew Stainless Steel Stovetop Coffee Percolator, 2-3 cup is among the most effective units in its group. This Tops MFG. CO., Inc. is very popular. There are numerous positive reviews with regards to Rapid Brew Stainless Steel Stovetop Coffee Percolator, 2-3 cup. Take a look at the actual product reviews for this particular item: Rapid Brew Stainless Steel Stovetop Coffee Percolator, 2-3 cup produced by Tops MFG. CO., Inc.. This amazing manufacturer is extremely popular because of this unit: Rapid Brew Stainless Steel Stovetop Coffee Percolator, 2-3 cup. Should you check their merchandise class with regard to Tops MFG. CO., Inc., you will observe some other devices created by this company.

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