Steel Pour Over Coffee Dripper - Paperless Reusable Drip Coffee Maker 2 Cups - The Bean House

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Manufacturer Description

Excellent morning! Prepared for a tasty, flavorful, pure, sweet & steamy cup of coffee?

We thought so! This is why we deliver you the Bean House's pour more than coffee dripper. To have your daily coffee always new and tasty!

No grinds & bean pieces in your cup any more!

The Bean Residence laser cut, metallic filter is cleverly punched, with a hundreds of small holes which enable the crucial vitamins and minerals and oils into your cup to develop a fantastic flavor, without letting any grounds by means of!

What makes our pour more than coffee dripper so excellent?

This double-walled laser cut steel mesh merged with a witty design and style, isn't going to enable any coffee grounds into your cup - because of to the smarter more compact dripping holes!

The lightweight and resilient stainless steel coffee filter makes certain that you is not going to require another coffee maker at house - get only after - preserve for a lifetime!

An Excellent Cash Saver!

Help save your piggy-bank from breaking all the although, to purchase paper filters or to substitute your lower quality piece-dropping aged metallic filters with the enormous holes!

You can clean the smartest coffee brewer, inside of twenty seconds just by washing the reusable coffee filter with some drinking water after every single use!

We guarantee you 100% you will adore our easy to use drip coffee maker! Just test it and see for by yourself! And you are not satisfied nicely... that's what total refunds are for!

Make it yours right now and flavor the greatest - most fragrant coffee of your lifestyle with just a click!

How to use:
  1. Location the complete pour more than dripper assembly on leading of your mug
  2. Include your desired amount of coffee grounds into the filter (can make up to 12 cups in 1 go).
  3. Pour in the scorching drinking water in a round movement with the drinking water becoming ideally one hundred eighty-two hundred deg. Fahrenheit, but it really is up to you.
  4. Let the coffee dripper do its task!
  5. Take pleasure in!


The laser cut double walled coffee filter doesn't allow any grinds into your coffee, while letting in all essential oils & nutrients. Can be used anywhere with minimal prep, you only need our 18/8 reusable pour over drip coffee maker, coffee grounds, and hot water. The drip coffee maker is great for when you need that quick cup of coffee on the go, and cleanup can be done in under 20 seconds! Our pour over coffee dripper is efficient and requires no paper filters, electricity, or fancy machines. Extremely simple to use, and fits on almost all mugs, cups, and glasses. Read our instructions below.

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