Super Automatic Espresso Machine Aroma 5500 by AROMA

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We are delighted to present the brilliant Super Automatic Espresso Machine Aroma 5500.

With so many available these days, it is wise to have a make you can recognise. The Super Automatic Espresso Machine Aroma 5500 is certainly that and will be a superb purchase.

For this reduced price, the Super Automatic Espresso Machine Aroma 5500 is highly recommended and is a regular choice with lots of people. AROMA have added some great touches and this means great value.

Manufacturer Description

The Aroma 5500 new grind espresso equipment generates the identical rich clean specialty coffees cheaper than Starbucks®, and without the trouble or travel time. The Aroma 5500 new grind espresso device is just unbelievable! No other tremendous automatic espresso device can match its attributes, benefit and functionality. The Aroma 5500 can handle any dimensions group: huge places of work, catering activities, and higher-quantity commercial venues, like stadiums and conventions. Fantastic design, brushed chrome, unsurpassed high quality - not only is the Aroma 5500 beautiful, it provides. Created and constructed to the highest requirements obtainable, the Aroma 5500 automatic espresso device can brew a assortment of hot specialty coffees at incredible velocity, without energy. It is a fullyprogrammable, computerized tremendous automatic specialty coffee device, featuring a volumetric coffee dosing method that ensures the specific volume of coffee needed for every individual brew, from entire-power, honey-clean espresso, to rich-bodied Italian Roast coffee, to the milder American-design Americano coffee. You will be delighted to learn that the technological innovation powering the Aroma automatic espresso device allows you to serve the greatest specialty coffees obtainable with just a thrust of a button. The price of the a variety of options averages only 15 cents to 35 cents per eight-ounce serving, with standard retail rates of $three.00 to $4.00, generating a 1,two hundred% to two,000% return on your investment12 Super Gourmand Alternatives: Italian Roast Espresso Café Latte Café Americano Cappuccino Espresso Chai Tea French Vanilla Cappuccino Chai Latte Hot Chocolate Latte French Vanilla Mocha Café Mocha French Vanilla Chai


? Freshly Grinds Real Espresso Beans Adaptable to Water Source Handles Any Size Crowd,Always Ready for Use Continuous Brewing Capability Computerized,Built-in Management Tools

2nd Description

This amazing unit made by Super Automatic Espresso Machine Aroma 5500 is one of the greatest units in its class. This excellent AROMA is extremely well known. There are numerous reviews that are positive in regard to Super Automatic Espresso Machine Aroma 5500. Take a look at the product reviews for this merchandise: Super Automatic Espresso Machine Aroma 5500 manufactured by AROMA. This amazing manufacturer is extremely popular for this particular product: Super Automatic Espresso Machine Aroma 5500. Should you check out their merchandise classification pertaining to AROMA, you will observe various other products produced by this provider.

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