The Return of Judex (French Mystery) made by Black Coat Press

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In 1918, silent movie director Louis Feuillade and author Arthur Bernède resurrected one particular of their finest people for a second experience: a mysterious avenger, wearing a slouch hat and a dark cloak -- Judex! His title signifies "Choose," and he has sworn to mercilessly punish criminals. On the eve of World War I, the Paris underworld is dominated by the Mystery Raiders, a vicious gang of spies and extortionists. Their chief is a one particular-eyed mystic who meticulously records all the crimes that he intends to commit in the potential. This mastermind has hypnotic powers that let him to telepathically drive honest citizens to commit crimes. Assisting this diabolical mesmerist is a seductive baroness. Aside from getting an expert cat burglar, she is also a fantastic pugilist capable of beating a gentleman to a pulp. Only one particular gentleman can end these criminals: the shadowy vigilante identified as Judex! However, the Mystery Raiders learn that Judex is truly the rich Jacques de Trémeuse. They strike at him by way of his family! Even worse however, Judex finds his efforts to shield his cherished types constantly sabotaged by the incompetence of one particular of his very own brokers! Read an fascinating

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