@Voice Aloud Reader - read aloud made by Hyperionics

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Coffee Maker World are happy to present the brilliant @Voice Aloud Reader - read aloud - Hyperionics - Hyperionics.

With so many available these days, it is great to have a brand you are able to recognize. The @Voice Aloud Reader - read aloud is certainly that and is going to be a superb acquisition.

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Click "Share" or "Send by Email" button/menu item in any app to send text to @Voice Aloud Reader for aloud reading over speakers or a headset. If "Share" is not available, copy text in another app and paste it into @Voice for aloud reading. Open PDF, text or HTML files from Android file system for reading aloud. Save articles opened in @Voice to files for later listening. Construct listening lists of many articles for uninterrupted listening one after the other. Order the list as needed, e.g. more important articles first. Easily control speech generator volume, pitch and rate of speech. Pause/resume speech as needed with wired or Bluetooth headset buttons, plus click Next/Previous buttons to jump by sentence, long-click the same buttons to switch to the next/previous article on a list. Can automatically recognize the language of an article and use appropriate TTS voice, if available, or set your preferred voices manually with "Select language" menu item. Options for additional pause between paragraph, start talking as soon as a new article is loaded or wait for a button press, start/stop talking when wired headset plug is inserted/removed. Optional sleep timer to stop speech after a given timeout.

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